Our credo

Let's Talk is an opportunity for the population of Zug and new arrivals to come together and participate in dialogue and joint activities. It is our goal to promote understanding and a coming together of the nearly 140 nationalities now living in the canton of Zug, as well as actively promoting the local population in order to make a positive contribution towards better integration.


How do people live in Switzerland, how can you get to know Swiss people, and how can you get involved and integrated here in the canton of Zug? We're here to provide Let's Talk answers.


We promote integration through talking together, working together and helping together.


Let's Talk is a not-for-profit event and is supported by public and private sponsors in the canton of Zug.

Let's Talk about what Zug can do for you, and what you can do for Zug.

September 9, 2017

Let’s Talk at

'Fest der Nationen'

Landsgemeindeplatz Zug