Participants 2017

Abraxas Festival of Children’s and Youth Literature

On 4th and 5th November 2017, the seventh Children's and Youth Literature Festival, ABRAXAS, will take place in Zug. Over the two days, authors and illustrators from home and abroad will welcome children from 2 years to teens with their stories, workshops and interactive show and quiz sessions. Save the date today. For more information, visit www.abraxas-festival.ch 

Benevol Zug - Office for Voluntary Service

Volunteering is in! Why? – Because it’s fun to help others, to make things happen with like-minded people and to experience new things. In the canton and districts of Zug there are many ways to volunteer. You can find out more at the Benevol Zug stand at Let's Talk. For more information, visit www.benevol-zug.ch

Brocki Zug - Ecological, Social, Brilliant

The Brocki at Frauenzentrale Zug has been in existence for 40 years, and today it is an established Zug institution, stepping up to help with urgent social tasks, non-profit projects or spontaneous assistance in emergencies. Come to our garden flea market, where you’ll find a range of garden articles for your balcony, terrace or cosy nook. For more information, visit www.brockizug.ch

Burg Zug Museum

Burg Zug is the oldest building and a landmark in the town of Zug. Since 1982 it has housed Zug’s historical museum, which offers a glimpse into the cultural history of Zug from the middle ages until today. For more information, visit www.burgzug.ch

Canton Zug Museum for Prehistory

The permanent exhibition presents archaeological finds from Canton Zug. Here you’ll find traces left by Palaeolithic hunters, pile dwellers, Iron-Age merchants, Romans and Early Medieval warriors. Scenes with life-like figures bring their daily routines to life. Models, artefacts and background information complete the picture. Stories bring the past to life for even the youngest visitors. Special exhibitions, event days, children's birthdays and more are targeted at people of all ages. For more information, visit www.museenzug.ch/urgeschichte


Doku-Zug is a unique “search engine” that is specified on the contemporary history of Zug and Switzerland. 4600 well-sorted dossiers are ready to be used for your research in the St. Oswaldsgasse. Through individual consultation we ensure that information from about 3 million media articles can be accessed easily for everybody interested. In order to secure the future of the so far privately financed documentation centre, the foundation Doku-Zug was created.

Fachstelle Migration (FMZ)

The range of events and services offered by FMZ have developed over 50 years in accordance with the requirements of Canton Zug’s residents. Working in close cooperation with the authorities, FMZ provides accurate and confidential information and support in 12 languages. The multicultural FMZ team understand daily life in Zug and Switzerland, and can assist long-term residents as well as helping newcomers to find their feet as quickly and easily as possible. We’d love to see you at our stand. For more information, visit www.fmzug.ch

Foerderungszentrum Skazka-Zug 

Foerderungszentrum Skazka-Zug, with its headquarters in Baar, is a centre for children of Russian origin that aims to promote the Russian language. For more information, visit http://skazka-zug.ch

Intermezzo – Simply Different

At first glance, Intermezzo is a pleasant, everyday crêperie in the middle of Zug’s old town. When you look more closely, Intermezzo is “simply different”. The team consists of women and men in need of particular support, living their dream of an independent life with lots of enthusiasm and pride.  They are trained and supervised by professional catering staff. Intermezzo’s goal is not just to serve great food, but also to build bridges and to bring people closer together. Intermezzo has a stand at “Let’s Talk” and looks forward to tempting you with sweet and savoury crêpes.For more information, visit www.intermezzo-zug.ch

International Mens Club of Zug (IMCZ)

The International Mens Club of Zug (IMCZ) is a social club open to men of all ages with international interests and a relationship (business or personal) to the Canton of Zug. We meet regularly to take part in various activities: cultural events (like kegeln, visiting museums or just eating fish & chips), excursions (like guided tours or easy hikes) or just for a drink and a chat.  We want to make it easy for newcomers to network and find their way around and find friends in their new environment. For more information, visit www.imcz.com

International Women's Group Zug

The International Women's Group Zug was founded in 1996 and is a free group that is open to all women. We maintain friendly contact and dialogue with each other and about our situation as migrants or locals. In our address book are women from over 35 countries. The club language is German. For more information, visit: www.internationalefrauengruppezug.ch

KISS Neighbourhood Help

KISS Neighbourhood Help for young and old brings together people who support each other by assisting with daily tasks such as shopping, going for a walk, visits to the doctor, playing, conversation, cooking, eating, and so on. In return for the support, helpers are given time vouchers which they can save up and use immediately or later when they need support themselves. If you need help during this initial phase of KISS cooperatives in Cham or Zug but haven't been able to collect any time vouchers, you can still get support – just like the first generation of AHV pension recipients. For more information, see www.kiss-zeit.ch

KLuG Health Insurance

Our goal is active promotion of health

KLuG Health Insurance was founded in 1918 as a company health insurance fund for Landis & Gyr. Today, we insure individuals and businesses throughout Switzerland. As a health insurance company we have, for many years, promoted preventative health measures – both in theory and in practice! Come and visit our stand to find out about our services. For more information, visit www.klug.ch/en/

Kunsthaus Zug

Kunsthaus Zug is a museum for modern and contemporary art, a workplace for artists and a place of meeting and dialogue for its visitors. It collaborates regularly with partners and institutions on joint projects. In 2016, for example, it executed Illy and Emilia Kabakov’s participatory “Ship of Tolerance” project with over 2000 participants - children, teens and adults. As a member of the Zug Art Society you can support the exhibiting and collaborative activities and help to expand the Kunsthaus’s diverse collection. For more information, visit www.kunsthauszug.ch

Promotion of Health and Prevention of Disease in the Canton of Zug

The Department for the Promotion of Health and Prevention of Disease is part of the Department of Public Health of the Canton of Zug. It initiates, supports and brings together projects and measures that promote the physical and mental health of young and old and aim to prevent disease. Its goals include promoting exercise, a balanced diet and a moderate approach to addictive substances, and maintaining the psychosocial health of the population of Zug. For more information, visit www.zg.ch/gesund

PwC Switzerland 

PwC Switzerland supports businesses and individuals in creating value – with over 2600 employees and partners working in 14 different locations throughout Switzerland. We are committed to delivering quality in assurance, tax and legal consulting and economic consulting. 

Questions about taxes? Come to our stand and tell us what has value for you. For more information, visit www.pwc.com

Repair Cafe

Also Zug has Repair Cafe’s now. No matter whether its a toy, book, mixer or your favorite sweater, you are warmly welcomed to repair your faulty items and make them as good as new with the help of experts. The repair services are free of charge, merely the spare parts have to be payed for. The next events are taking place on August 26th and October 28th in the Freizeitanlage Loreto in Zug. Further information can be found under https://www.facebook.com/repaircafezug/ or www.repair-cafe.ch

The following local and international schools from the region will be present at the Let’s Talk integration event:

Toastmasters Club Zug

Toastmasters Club Zug provides a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. The Zug Club was founded in 1989. The present membership of the Zug Club comprises 30+ men and women from fourteen national and cultural regions. Most are engaged in professions in which English is at least one of the prominent languages in use. The Club is always ready to welcome new members and would be pleased to issue invitations to interested and eligible persons to join.

For more information, visit www.toastmasterszug.ch

UNITRE Universitas Zug 

UNITRE Universitas is an Italian-language “Volkshochschule” or education centre. It’s a volunteer-run, non-profit society. It promotes Swiss and Italian culture for the community and for all friends and fans of Italy. This social integration brings people together, opens up dialogue about the characteristics of the different cultures and helps with integration. For more information, visit www.unitre.ch

Young ID Zug

The organisers of Young ID Zug want to establish a dance festival in Zug for children from 0 to 18. The international and local performances have been especially designed for a young audience. The goal is to create a dialogue between the dance, the audience (children, teens) and various cultures. The focal points of this project are the exchange between different groups, the promotion of cultural education, and the various opportunities offered. Local dance schools are invited to participate actively in the festival. There will be workshops for children and for professional dancers. For more information, visit www.youngidzug.com

Zug International Women’s Club 

The International Women’s Club was founded in 1967 and is a non-profit organisation with over 408 members. It has no political or religious affiliations. The club is open to all who enjoy speaking English, and is a platform for countless life-long friendships across all nationalities. For more information, visit www.ziwc.ch

Let's Talk about what Zug can do for you, and what you can do for Zug.

September 9, 2017

Let’s Talk at

'Fest der Nationen'

Landsgemeindeplatz Zug